Film trailer: Bad Day

The Scene: Kitchen. A woman, 30s ish, wearing dressing gown, is
blearily trying to make breakfast.

She spills the coffee grounds, looks in 3 cupboards to find cafetiere
(before she realises it’s right in front of her), etc. General chaos.

Gravelly voiceover man: Ever have one of those days that starts out bad…

Woman is pouring coffee while giving her attention to buttering toast
with her other hand. Looks and notices coffee overflowing. In frantic
spasm of action to stop pouring, knife catapults toast across the room
and into the sink… closeup of it slowly sinking into the water in the
washing up bowl. The reflection of woman’s face in the surface of the
water, looking dismayed, comes into view as the water settles

Gravelly voiceover man: …and just get worse?

Shot of woman from behind – her waist is at the bottom of the frame,
the top of a row of wall-mounted cupboards is the top.
She opens one. A naked man falls out, giving a strangled yell, and
disappears out the bottom of the frame, landing on the floor with a

Gravelly voiceover man: Brian Smith was having one of those days.

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