Prototype web browser

I had an interesting idea the other day for a new type of web browser. Although requiring a certain amount of physical dexterity, control is not via a mouse, keyboard, or anything dreary like that.

You lie face down on a carefully designed (and padded) table. An initial random set of links is chosen by the system; to follow one of the links, you throw balls at a series of cups; each cup is set up to represent one of the links.

When the link is selected, the machinery tattoos it onto your backside, and you read it using a complex system of mirrors. To optimize readability, one of these mirrors needs to be custom-made to perfectly account for the curvature of your buttocks, naturally.

Clearly some of the details need thinking through, but I think I’m on to a winner here. Maybe a non-permanant inking system, and some sort of automated wiping device would increase the frequency with which you can read anything beyond the first page, and avoid the expense and hassle of frequent laser tattoo removal…

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