Can’t write for sh*t

In an attempt to think up something of funniness to write in this ‘ere blog, I started making notes of anything vaguely amusing that crossed my mind on a pad of paper I carry around with me. Very sensible, one might think.

Alas, my handwriting is notoriously terrible. This can be made worse if trying to write on an uneven surface, while being jostled around. This is why it was such a fantastic idea for me to make notes while on a bus, leaning on my knee.

Having just reviewed these notes (a good side and a half of A4, I was certainly on a roll), I have discovered it is about 25% unfunny, and 75% illegible.

In an attempt to salvage something, I shall discard the unfunny, and share what I can make out of the rest. It goes something like:

Nose-pishing postman – in USSR
Not subtle, post-event finger impetus

2 conservatives, alimentary

sphere, laughter from somewhere else – always someone having a better theatre yawn

felt DN aching

being quite wrong, irrelevant, not funny? doesn’t matter [actually, I think that might be exactly what I intended to write]

missing pretzels [and some other stuff I can’t even begin to make out]

And there you have it. No doubt some nuggets of comedic wonder lost forever in that little lot.

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