Too hot. Can’t think.

  • This weather is ridiculous hot.
  • I’m not enjoying clothes at all.
  • The loincloth will be the summer fashion item of choice for the thrusting young professional.


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7 Responses to Too hot. Can’t think.

  1. Jazzeh

    Really NO THRUSTING in loincloths!!

  2. Tim

    How disappointing.

    Anyway, I’ve been forbidden from ever mentioning the ‘L’ word again, so you needn’t worry.

  3. Joe

    Think it’s hotter in Japan. Definitely more humid. I’ve found that the thong+tie look is a good one, and it’s safe to thrust!

  4. Tim

    I imagine it would be.

    Your sartorial elegance knows no bounds, sir.

    Do you ride the scooter dressed like that?

  5. Jazzeh


    How does wearing a tie make thrusting in any kind of small-loin-covering safe?

    Thrusting is NEVER SAFE unless FULLY TROUSERED.

  6. Joe

    It’s not the tie that makes it safe (although that could of course be used as extra strapping in an emergancy) it’s the snug security of the thong (aka posing pouch) that, combined with a certain degree of freedom, brings safety to the thrust.

    And yes, I do ride my scootah (spell it the Phil Daniels way, please) dressed like that. It inspires even more fear in the local populace.

  7. Tim

    This is the thong you need:

    I found myself sporting a creamy/beige-coloured shirt the other day, accented with some rather delicious hoi-sin sauce. This is ideal for when one is going out immediately post-work.

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