I could teach kids to do stuff good.

I intend to travel to the Cook Islands, where I shall set up Pukapuka University, Department of Distance Learning.

Why else would I suddenly want do such a thing? Well, maybe I was partly inspired by watching Zoolander last night for the first time in ages…

But mainly because I could then legitimately get the domain name puddl.edu.ck


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  1. Jazzeh

    and just so you know,

    is still up for grabs 🙂

    apparently DerekZoolanderCenterForChildrenWhoCantReadGoodAndWannaLearnToDoOtherStuffGoodToo.com
    is too long to be legal 🙁

  2. Jazzeh


    it’s stolen my smilies’ noses!!!

  3. Tim

    Fixed yer smilies. I had no idea it did that. Clever WordPress.

    And you’ve broken my template with your crazy long domain name shennanigans! 🙁

  4. Jazzeh

    also, at the risk of sounding picky – the times are all wrong!

  5. Tim

    Blimey, it can’t do everything – it would appear it know not about British Summer time. I think I can live with all times being GMT/UTC :b

  6. hope you’ve been to trashbat.co.ck

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