The Apprentice – new series!

The new series of The Apprentice is nearly upon us! The one reality TV show that I can get excited about – it has a reasonably interesting subject matter and everything. Although I must admit I did watch Channel 4’s Space Cadets fairly religiously last year, and that was just ****ing daft.
Spurred on by talk of the new series, I’ve finally started reading the BBC book on The Apprentice, but I’m stated to find it hard going. Not because of the content, but because I can’t help but read it in Alan Sugar’s own voice, which I am stating to find quite fatiguing.
Andrew Collins’ blog provided some amusing commentary on the 2nd series last year, so will no doubt be worth keeping an eye on again, and I hopefully will feel suitably enthused to write a bit about it myself.

New series of The Apprentice starts Wednesday 28th March, BBC 1, 9pm.


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  1. Alan Sugar, you say? I know him well. His mother mated with a baboon.

  2. Tim

    Intriguing, GB. I don’t suppose you have photos?

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