Oh, how unpleasant

I don’t really go into details, but the upshot is that the [until very recently] perfectly usable ballpoint pen I purchased myself not four weeks ago is now in the bin. The one by the toilet.

UPDATE, a few short minutes later. I’m so traumatized, I forgot to help myself to FREE CAKE. Cake!


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4 Responses to Oh, how unpleasant

  1. Petrina

    You forgot free cake?? Were otters involved in any way?

    You were clearly quite traumatized. Have you recovered yet?

  2. Tim

    I ultimately came to my senses, and enjoyed some cake.

    I don’t recall the involvement of any aquatic mammals, but they can be quite tricksy.

    I have just about recovered from this unfortunate incident, as far as I can make out. Future therapy my reveal otherwise…

  3. The Walrus

    Was I involved?

    I am fond of cake, especially Free Cake, so could see myself meddling…

  4. Tim

    A comment from The Walrus, on The Walrus’s birthday! I feel honoured!

    Happy birthday, again!

    I don’t think you were involved, but my powers of memory are quite limited, especially at my age…

    Cake is good!!!

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