Snow is an idiot

Snow is an idiot. And I don’t mean the popular Informer performer. I don’t have enough time to describe those levels of idiocy. I mean of course the frozen precipitation that is currently so popular around these parts, and filling every news outlet, and becoming increasingly tedious. And if it means I can’t get away at the weekend, I shall be most peeved. It’s now irritated me even more by making me feel compelled to prefix the proper content of this post, below. [GB]rrrrrr! (As cold angry people who know regular expressions say).


In the shower yesterday morning my inner monologue was treating me to a slightly haphazard medley of its own devising, consisting of various hits by The Jacksons. Unfortunately, my mind only knows two hits by The Jacksons, and not many of the words. Only really the two tracks on the rather awesome Motown 50 compilation celebrating 50 years of the label. (Want 60 top Motown hits? Buy Motown 50 MP3s/CDs from!!!) Ahem. Er. Yes. These tracks being ABC and I Want You Back. Mysteriousy at work in the afternoon my iPhone mobile telephone twice unpaused itself and started playing ABC – when all the tracks are arranged alphabetically, ABC is the first track in it, innit.

Still, at least I didn’t wake up to find a hairbrush in my shoe.

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