Beer then wine, feeling fine.
Wine then beer, feeling queer.
Beer then wine then beer then wine, oh dear oh dear oh dear.

I wrote these words while enjoying something of a hangover, combined with sleep deprivation and caffeine, on Sunday morning. I think it nicely captures the mood. I continued:
Looking on the bright side, there was splendid food and company, hoorah for all involved. Well done.

And I probably won’t hear the words “when are you going to drink that Old Speckled Hen?” again. Unfortunately, it now feels like it’s trying to peck out my liver. I hope this doesn’t become a regular occurrence.

Hangover. Recovery = medication + Yello. Alka Seltzer XS, plus “You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess”, which I purchased on my mobile telephone while still in bed. And have only just appreciated the connection in the names. I wish I had been clever enough to do so deliberately. Very long time since I heard that album, and have finally replaced elderly cassette copy that is lost somewhere at the parents’ house. Very good decision, produced a silly grin on hearing first notes of I Love You. Slight (hopefully silent) fit of hysterics listening to Great Mission. This is definitely my new favourite hangover recovery album, replacing The Prodigy Experience (played loud, in a kill or cure way). So I listened to that, and drank caffeinated medication, and had vitamins, and extract of milk thistle. Prometheus swears by it.

Me and giraffe. Who is more photogenic?!

Then I spent several minutes photographing myself pretending to be asleep next to a giraffe hand puppet. The photos turned out, inevitably, to be horrible, in a “stills of a dozing extra from Planet of the Apes” way. Awesome t-shirt is from threadless.com
Now I’m having a little rest after running around in as big a circle as our house can accommodate and not in be any more OBVIOUSLY HAHAHAA and and and and I think I need a nap. But I’ve enjoyed more caffeine than I can really handle these days, and have had to post a warning note on the fridge so that no-one else is frightened!!!!

Now I’ve been filled with toast and eggs and beans I’m a little bit calmer, and starting to feel sleepy.


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2 Responses to Hangover/hysteria

  1. Keira

    you are the worst giraffe man monstrosity i have ever seen. i want a copy of the note you taped to the fridge prior to running round senseless with stupidy, claiming you were high on either snow or alka seltzer. Meanwhile i am scared for the giraffe, who just called me somewhere outside the UK asking for more ££ to make it to the Middle East. It said it would take a lifetime to heal

  2. Tim

    Just as long as I know the giraffe is safe somewhere, that’s all I really care about.

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