I’m 34, I’m allowed to be senile

Step 1: Remember you have more coffee waiting.
Step 2: Get up from computer, pick up cup, walk to kitchen.
Step 3: In kitchen, put cup by sink ready to be washed.
Step 4: Turning to leave kitchen, see cafetiere.
Step 5: Remember you wanted more coffee, pick up cafetiere, walk back to computer to refill cup.
Step 6: Wonder where cup is.
Step 7: etc.

Also, one of the lenses fell out of my increasingly battered spectacles yesterday, so I need to purchase a monocle to wear along with said damaged glasses, because keeping one eye closed while trying to concentrate on anything is quite tricky.

Although increasing text size on screen and leaning waaaay back seems to do the trick, though is quite inconvenient.

OR I could accelerate plans to purchase a new zoom lens for my camera and look through that at an appropriate focal length. Although it probably won’t help. I haven’t really thought this through – it’s early and I may or may not have had enough coffee. And anyway, if I buy this lens, people will probably make assumptions.

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