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Snow = silly, DVDs + pasta + nap = GOOD

So the weekend trip has been piostponed for a few weeks due to the very silly weather conditions, as semi-predicted yesterday. And I’m also typing this without looking at what I;m writing or they keys, so it should be useful. I may even go back and edit it. Or not. I am detecting the odd typo and correcting as I go. But not all of them, I suspect. I HOPE IT IS COGERENT!!!

So. I am not going anywhere this weekend now. I really hate weather that is in any way rmarkable or worthy opf mention. I crave bland wather.

As a treat last night I made an enormo-vat of pasta and watched a series of Yes Ministe on DVDr, and enjoyed a carbs/Ronnie Hazlehurst nap. The theme to Yes Minister really is gloriously soporific. Maybe because it’s the sort of thing that was on at bedtime when I was small(? And then to rouse myself from my torpor, I watched Jackie Chan’s First Strike, which was ait  ( (I have just been interrupted to check whether “drub” is a word, so this may go wrong here. I was definitely talking about Jackie Chan’s First Strike. I had not watched it for some time, and it was very exciting – possible over-exciting – on our new giant television. And again, but I can’t really say in polite company what the topic of the interruption was. If I just say “****ed by you know who” most people reading this will know.

At this point I am giving up on the not looking thing – and I did make one correction, so that a sentence makes sense!! And obviously I’m going to go back and put some links in.

Attempt three: did I mention I watched JC’s First Strike last night? I’d completely forgotten that was the film with the exciting stilts-based action. I need some stilts, then I can smite my enemies who are on first-floor balconies when I am stilting along on the pavement outside with some deft, stilty head-kicking. But maybe once the snow and slush has gone – I nearly fell over about five times on my way home from work last night and it’s only a four minute walk. Did I say I’m not enjoying the weather?

Addendum: 2:07pm – I have now managed to fall over in the snow. Luckily, neither I nor any of the shopping were harmed.

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Black Books DVDs – currently quite cheap

In the spirit of public spiritedness (tempered with gratuitous profiteering, in association with, I would like to draw your attention to the current bargain price of the complete, utterly good, Black Books on DVD at amazon. For all your Dylan Moran/Bill Bailey/Tamsin Greig sitcom needs.

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I am mildly enraged.

Maybe not enraged. Disappointed, certainly.

Anyway, this should help out anyone else who is trying to find the “swearing on the lawn” sketch from The Armando Iannucci Shows by Googling for “tit of cress”.

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Green Wing series 2 – video clips and DVD

Thanks to The British Sitcom Guide’s mailing list, I have just discovered there are clips from the special features on the new Green Wing series 2 DVD (out Monday) on YouTube:

  1. A deleted scene whereGuy, Mac and Boyce classify passing women as “lights on” or “lights off”.
  2. The first 2 minutes of the “making of” documentary. Although as I write, this isn’t working for me.

Green Wing DVDs are available from Amazon UK:


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Spaced – The Definitive Collector’s Edition DVD

Having missed my chance at buying the Collector’s Edition of Spaced, the world’s most wonderous sitcom (IMHO, YMMV, etc.) for a reasonable price, according to, Spaced – The Definitive Collector’s Edition DVD will soon be available again – July 3rd, for a mere £14.99.

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Green Wing on DVD! And competition at

Apologies for the lack of any sort of posting of late… I am working on things, honestly.

In the meantime, you may be interested in the Green Wing competition being run by – you can win a Green Wing poster signed by the cast, and an iPod nano. To enter, you either need to pre-order the Green Wing DVD before its April 3rd release date, or send a stamped-addressed envelope to Amazon – details on the competition page.

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Help get Bill Bailey’s ‘Is it Bill Bailey?’ released on DVD

If you would, please sign the petition to get Bills TV series “Is it Bill Bailey?” released on DVD. (started by the Part Troll Bill Bailey fan site, I understand)
Cos I wants it, see?

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