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Why ubiquitous capture tools are important

Yes, at 3:34 on Monday morning I wrote ‘Around-the-camera jazz dragon’. And I am never too sleepy to forget to hyphenate an attributive. But I digress.

See?  Captured in Omnifocus

No, I have absolutely no idea why either. I do very vaguely remember I was about to fall asleep again and it was Very Important To Remember This. And so here it is!

Courtesy of good old OmniFocus.

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A haiku about mending a website. And Flash. Likely to bore the general audience.

Front page never loads.
Argh: post with Flash video.
Old YouTube code sucks.

For Peter Pan gets bullied by swan & triceratops:
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hello? everything working?

I have finally got round to moving everything to – with a copy at the old URL left there for good measure, and so links aren’t broken. All I need to do now is work out why pages on are linking to the old URL, and vice versa. Gargh.

UPDATED! Yippee, everything seems to be working. And hopefully all the old feeds will work, and pages from the old URL will be redirected here and everything. What a fun afternoon I’ve had! But please let me know if anything peculiar is happening!

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What a lot of error messages

I think this means subscribing to my Airset calendar isn’t quite working properly.

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