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A haiku about mending a website. And Flash. Likely to bore the general audience.

Front page never loads.
Argh: post with Flash video.
Old YouTube code sucks.

For Peter Pan gets bullied by swan & triceratops:
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Why aren’t I asleep?
Tomorrow I should perk up;
bought some Berrocca!

Nifty-fifty lens,
new plaything for camera;
clarity is mine.

T-rex enjoying lens cap

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Some more haiku

“Fetch more condiments!”
demanded the hungry ones
So much left, for shame.

Wa-TOOSH: sneeze surprise!
Look confused for a second,
then hear the mist fall.

Went to bed at ten,
now midnight swift approaches;
blame Facebook, haiku.


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Hurty haiku

Bloody thermal cup.
When I spill tea on my hand,
It’s so much hotter.



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