Musical journey

My initial remotely amusing observation was to be that, while walking down the street listening to P-Funk on one’s iPod (or generic non-Apple music playing device of choice/necessity), it is simply impossible not to strut. I was like Peter Parker in the black suit in Spider-Man 3. If there had been any passers-by, they would have greatly admired my moves. Let’s say. I was eyed warily by a pair of teenage girls, but they would most definitely have been an anomaly in a larger sample.

On sitting down to write of this personal voyage of discovery, however, I discovered another musical factoid: accidentally listening to Karje by Taavi Tulev on full volume on headphones provides a listening experience akin to placing a sturdy galvanized bucket smartly on ones head and then having this bucket violently staved in by a wooden-spoon wielding Gordon Ramsay who’s a bit cross about some peas. This is not very relaxing. I apologize if it has affected the quality of my prose.


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2 Responses to Musical journey

  1. JazzyBear

    You’re not still rocking the standard apple ‘phones, are you?

  2. Tim

    Noooo, I don’t enjoy earbuds in general.

    I cleverly swapped them for an iPod sock, and purchased some lovely Sennheiser PX100‘s

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