Madame Gusto’s Circus!

The BFI have come to my rescue! Theirs is the first website I have found with evidence that I didn’t merely imagine a cartoon series called “Madame Gusto’s Circus“. They don’t actually seem to have any information about it, other than the title, but it’s there!
The only things I remember about it are (other than obvious – it was about a circus, and one Madame Gusto, naturally):

  • There were some rabbits that said “bunnybunnybunny” a great deal. Possibly only in one episode.
  • Rabbits going “bunnybunnybunny” was possibly the only piece of intelligible dialogue.

I am now… I’d like to say I’m now a happy bunny, but that would be patently ridiculous given the above bullet points. Let’s just say I am a pleased young man. Perhaps disproportionately pleased? Nah.


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  1. Hallo! Any pic of what is going on in the show? So the show must be good as u must have enjoy is! BTW tq for visiting my site! Have a nice day!

  2. Tim

    Hi – I’m afraid I haven’t been able to find any more info or pictures or anything. I *think* I enjoyed it when it was on, in a strange sort of way. Pretty much everything I remember about it is in this post!

    From reading your blog… is this what you were looking for!?

  3. Dave

    After blanking it for 20+ years, I heard something today which reminded me of this show! Sadly, Google only led me to you and the BFI. My mate had taped an episode which, I *think*, involved a tractor and a monkey. In fact, I’m pretty sure the monkey was driving the tractor. One of the characters said the line, ‘Come over here!’ in a ridiculous voice and for some bizarre reason this kept us amused for weeks. I’m really glad I didn’t just imagine this stuff…

  4. Tim


    Now you mention that, the monkey driving the tractor sounds strangely familiar… I am beginning to wonder if it wasn’t originally in English and there is a wealth of info on it under an original foreign title. Nice to know I am the number two expert on something in the English-speaking world after the BFI!! 🙂

    And thanks for reassuring me further that I didn’t hallucinate the whole thing!

  5. Jim

    I remember this being shown during my school holidays in around 1989, but the lack of success on google made me think it was some strange childhood hallucination. But then I found this on ebay: Not sure how long the link is up for, but there is a VHS available. Get the feeling the cartoon was Italian, so like Tim says, it may be well known, just under a different language.

  6. toffee

    my brother and i watched this show avidly when we where young. all the characters spoke in gobledegook apart from the occasional swear word in english that you could just make out. eg bfhyudmkirjhhbollocksngjtruycdbdhjf.

  7. Skin-E

    Still can’t find any other eviendence of this animation!!! Anyone know of any video clips or stills on tinternet anywhere?!

  8. Tim

    I have had another search, no evidence!

    I am going to attempt to take some off-screen captures and check the credits to see if I can find any more info when I eventually get round to it.

  9. Skin-E

    Mr Tim sir… no need for the stills! Worth every penny i have just bought the video from the link. A MASSIVE THANKYOU FOR FINDING IT! 😀
    I shall be uploading it to youtube as soon as it arrives…

  10. Dave

    Brilliant! Thanks for the upload!

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