Today has not started well

I awoke at 7:30 with:

  1. a slight headache
  2. a vague recollection of a slightly disturbing dream
  3. a BadSong [sic] stuck in my head

The slight headache: I suspect is caused by a combination of mild hangover and caffeine withdrawal, and it is is still here, two and a half hours later. For the moment, I’m sticking with the decaff PG Tips. Ouch.

The slightly disturbing dream: I was at a dinner party of some kind and, immediately after one of the other diners (none of whom I recognized) had said something, I made a hilarious pun on one of the things just said. This bon mot was met with a stony silence, and even after I carefully explained it to the people, there was nary a titter. Simpletons.

The BadSong [sic, and showing no signs of improvement]: As well as the headache and the hideous nightmare, I also woke with Jason Donovan stuck in my head. By which I don’t mean physically embedded in my cranium, although that would have resulted in a swift and merciful death compared to what actually happened. No no, I had Too Many Broken Hearts stuck there. And it is still stuck there.

One is not amused.


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2 Responses to Today has not started well

  1. Cally, King of the World

    Your idea of a disturbing dream is no-one finding you funny? Are you sure it was a dream?

  2. Tim

    Absolutely positive it was a dream. You think I get invited to dinner parties!?

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