Every day? Really?

Grunt. By which of course I mean, “Ah, there you are! Ah! Wonderful! I shall write something!”

That’s enough niceties. To be honest with you, it almost seems as though I’m just typing words with no plan, scheme, plan of action, idea, master plan, game plan, proposal, proposition, ploy…[*] (Weak word-based humour – check!)

Now – we need something here… (Seinfeld reference in place – check!)

Alas instead of writing any more I am going to have to do a sleep. (Poor excuse instead of any actual writing – check!)

But this counts, right? Three days in a row? I say yes.

[*]Reference works from other publishers are technically available, but, you know, probably best avoided. Would you believe I haven’t read Advertising: A Very Short Introduction?

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